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Hi Mieke, Thanks so much for your review of Celtic Connection. I really value your opinion.

I just wanted to add that the “broth” does not contain glutamates and I do recognise your concerns about the sodium selenite (natriumseleniet). As you know, selenium is essential for normal muscle and cell function so our recipes include 0,5mg/kg of food which is significantly below the recommended maximum of 2,0g/kg. Also, since our recipes are grain free, this is not a source of additional sodium selenite in the recipes. Still, it is my goal to continuously improve the recipes and moving to selenium yeast from a reputable and consistant supplier is one of these steps. The food is gently-steamed instead of baked to prevent exposure to high temperatures and transformation of fatty acids. I also include glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM in all the recipes for healthy joints and organs. The benefits of MSM cannot be emphasised enough! Important for so many systems of the body, and lacking in so many pet food recipes. Our recipes also do not mix protein “types”. Our Chicken with Turkey recipe only contains poultry fat, no fish oils! And our Salmon with Trout recipe only contains fish oils, no poultry fat! This is really helpful for pets with food allergies or when trying to determine if a pet has a sensitivity to a certain protein source. I believe Celtic Connection is one of the few pet foods that do this.

Thanks again for reviewing our recipes! And please do not hesitate to ask me anthing else you’d like to know about them!